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The senior band preparing for the SCABA contest on Sunday 25th February.

Fundraising Saturday!
Both of our bands are involved in fundraising events on Saturday 20th October. The youth band are taking part in the Brassbandathon, a 12 hour brass band concert raising money for Children in Need in the morning. A ten piece group from the senior band are playing in the afternoon at the Salvation Army in Bevendean, Brighton to raise much needed money for the people of Kerala who have suffered devastating floods recently. Visit the ‘Hear us’ page to find out more


Spaces available now in our friendly youth band. Membership is £1 per week, payable in term time only. This includes an instrument if needed. We have members from across Sussex and rehearse on Friday evenings 7-7:45pm. Our rehearsal venue is near the A27/A23 junction and on the number 5 bus route from Brighton. Visit the youth band pages to find out more. 

Welcome to the website of Patcham Silver Band, based in Patcham within the Unitary Authority of Brighton & Hove on the Sussex Coast.

We are a friendly and enterprising Brass Band in the best British tradition, playing a wide variety of musical styles including classics, marches, sacred, jazz, TV/Film & pop to name a few – our library is gynormous!

We are engaged to perform in several fetes & events, as well as staging our own public concerts in various venues around the South-East of the country. We also take part in local contests from time to time.

The Band operates two divisions – a Senior band for adults and more experienced young players, and a Youth Band for enthusiastic and developing youngsters! We also form smaller ensembles when required for special events.

Follow the links at the top of the page if you would like to know more!

Quartets and Ensembles Competition
Quartets and Ensembles Competition


Patcham Silver Band is a not-for-profit musical organization formed for the purpose of making brass band music to uplift and entertain the wider community – and have fun doing so! A strong secondary aim is to support any interested individuals who would like to learn to perform brass music within our band, particularly the young.

Our income comes from modest subscriptions paid by our members, and from hire fees, concert takings and donations. Our major expenditure items include rental of our rehearsal venue, musical spending (scores, instruments, uniforms etc) and comprehensive insurance (including public liability).

Patcham Silver Band was first formed in January 1946 as the Patcham Parish Church Voluntary Aid Corps Silver Band by the vicar of All Saints Church, Steven Ensor. At that time, very few of the original members could actually read music and so the fingering had to written over each note in those early days.

By the end of 1947, the band had become well established and its musical leadership was taken over by Mr Weston (the grandfather of Paul Weston who was also to become a conductor of the band later on in its life). Under Mr Weston’s direction, the Band continued to grow and to improve its musical expertise. By 1958, under the musical direction of Bill Roberts, the Band had improved sufficiently to take part in local band contests and enjoyed some early successes. Although in 1962, Bill Roberts handed over the baton, he retained a keen interest in the Band’s welfare and conducted the junior quartet at the SCABA quartet and ensemble contest in the late 1970’s

In 1962, the Band was taken over by Bert Osgood who himself was an accomplished band master and musical leader of young people. Bert gave fresh inspiration to the Band and, in consequence, its numbers swelled and the musical standard further improved. Also at this time, a number of young people from Hangleton joined and began the tradition of including young people, which has been continued right up to the present. In 1964 the Band’s name changed to the Patcham Parish Band and then in 1966 to the Patcham Parish Church Band, which remained its title right up to 1992.

By 1970, the Hangleton Band has been established under the leadership of Bert Osgood and Patcham Parish Church Band had a change of musical director. Sammy Gordon took the Band over until 1976 when, due to ill health, he had to retire. Although the Band’s numbers were smaller during this period, it nevertheless maintained a good standard of music and continued to fare well at local band contests.

Sammy Gordon’s forced retirement came suddenly on the Band and a young member took on the task of keeping the band together during this difficult period. Barbara Deane became the new musical director and, despite a small membership, the original enthusiasm still remained. During the late 1970s Patcham Band was forced to go back to its roots and new players (young and older) were enlisted and some taught to play. Dedication and hard work helped to put in place some good foundations for the future and several of the new recruits from that time are still active members and friends of the Band today.

During the period 1980-87 under Barbara’s directorship, the Band was restored to its former strength and returned to contest playing standard as a full-sized twenty five piece silver band. In 1987, Barbara retired from conducting and was succeeded by Paul Weston, a music teacher and experienced brass player. Paul brought fresh vitality to the Band, which continued to prosper and was rewarded by promotion to the 3rd section in SCABA. Due to work commitments in London, Paul relinquished the leadership of the Band in favour of Christine Nonoo, who continued to build on the sound foundations that had been laid.

In 1992, in consultation with All Saints Parish Church, the Band’s name was changed to Patcham Silver Band which remains its name today. During this time also, the musical leadership passed first to David Barringer of the Coldstream Guards and then to David Allen, who was himself a former member of the Band.


In 1994 the band engaged Richard A. Baker as musical director. Since then a youth band of approximately twenty members was established that continues today, and the main band rose to the second section in the local contest arena. The band recorded its first compact disc at the beginning of 2002 featuring both the adult and youth bands.

Barbara Deane took leadership of the adult band in September 2002 after Richard moved on due to work commitments. Also at this time, the musical directorship of the Adult & Youth bands was divided up, and Sandra Clinton gave up the Secretary’s pen to take up the baton as Youth Band Conductor. Sandra has since brought a large number of young players up to performing standard several times over, not only thrilling concert audiences but winning awards at the local ensemble contests.

Meanwhile, under Barbara’s direction the adult band performed at a number of local venues and continued to build on our local reputation. Our time under Barbara’s leadership culminated in the band’s 60th Anniversary celebrations in 2006.

James Benka-Coker became the musical director of the band in January 2007. Under his direction the band has gone from strength to strength. We have performed many of his own arrangements, had success at the Quartets and Ensembles contest in February 2008 and successfully introduced our most able youth band players to performing with the adult band.

The Band also returned to main contesting in 2009, taking part in SCABA’s Spring & Autumn contests.


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  1. Hi my daughter Esme (11) is very keen to play the trumpet and is rather jealous of her brother who has just started to play sax in Little Big Band at the High School. Brighton and Hove Music Services are unable to offer her lessons as there is no other interest in her school. Can you recommend a local teacher (Patcham) and is it possible to join your band once she has some skills. I am not even sure if she produce a note, but she is very keen.

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